German New Medicine is a New Paradigm of Health and Healing. In the early 1980’s, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German medical doctor, specialized in internal medicine, discovered Five Biological Laws that explain the cause, the development and the natural healing of diseases based on biological principles that apply to every human being, and, therefore, to each patient’s case. Dr Hamer’s findings demonstrate that disease are not, as claimed, malfunctions of the organism but meaningful biological special programs of Nature inherent in all living beings. This new understanding of diseases opens up entirely new approaches with regards to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention.

About us

About us

GNM India’s objective is to spread the knowledge of GNM (German New Medicine) throughout India and help people overcome the fear of diseases.

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What we do

What we do

With the objective of imparting GNM knowledge in its authenticity and in most professional way we have divided the content into few categories.

Basic GNM Topics

Video courses with detailed explanation on basic concepts of GNM


Actual cases that were dealt by the GNM Teachers Team

Advanced Courses

Advance Topic Courses with Question and Answers.

Articles & Testimonials

Shared by GNM Teachers team & other members.

GNM India Team welcomes you on the occasion of launch of GNM India website. GNM India Teachers Team is committed in providing authentic content as discovered by Dr. Hamer.

You can also watch welcome messages by Dr. Ajoy Kurup and Dr. Madhavi Kathpal.