Dr. Sajini Ponmala

Homoeopathic Doctor

Dr. Sajini Ponmala is a registered Homoeopath who lives and practises Homoeopathy in the UK.

Early life & education:

She was born in Kerala, India but brought up in the neighbouring state of TamilNadu. She completed her secondary education from RSK Higher Secondary School located in the serene & green BHEL Township of Tiruchirapalli, TN state because, her father worked for Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (popularly known as BHEL).

She grew up as an active child with a strong mind, not very girly, interested in singing, long distance cycling and nature.

She further completed her graduation in Zoology from SRC, Trichy. She had a group of progressive friends, young girls & boys, who dreamt to be and to do something different, registered themselves as an organisation under the name, ‘Friends of Humanity (FOH)’, visited surrounding villages doing social service, educating kids and running medical camps etc., with support from other organisations as well. This they would do at weekends and on holidays.

Introduction to Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic Education:

Her belief in Homoeopathy stems from early childhood after being treated by a popular Homoeopath in Trichy, Dr.A.Balaji for tonsillitis and an obstinate eczema. He was known to her father and treated most members of the family.

Sajini’s parents were originally from Kerala and owing to their nativity, she could write the state entrance exam for BHMS in Kerala.

Her father whom she regards as a fair and just person, always had a great influence on her decisions and he insisted that she should study at the Govt.Homoeopathic Medical College, Calicut where she did secure admission through the state entrance exam.

GHMC Calicut has the reputation of being the first graduate Homoeopathic Medical College in Asia, founded in 1976. The attached hospital with 100 beds and 6 outpatient sections offered a very rich clinical exposure.

There was never a dearth of patients as they always visited in large numbers with queues outside every clinic.

There was a Pain & palliative care unit where terminally ill patients came to be free of the cancer pain with Homoeopathic remedies and to die in peace.

Doing a night shift as an intern was never without apprehension as she recalls that the intern could be the first Dr to confirm a death.

After 6 months of internship in the College hospital, she chose to do her rural internship in the villages of Palakkad, where her parents hail from. She remembers her time as a rural intern as a very enriching experience because most of the time, she would be the only resident Dr in the dispensary and could see the result of her prescriptions and also be humbled by the gratitude of her patients.

Private practice as a fresh BHMS graduate:

Returning to Trichy, TN after completing her BHMS degree, Sajini was quick to start  her private practice in Thiruverumbur which lasted almost 5 years, until her marriage to Manoj Manickan who was working in hospitality in the UK.

After moving to the UK, her job hunt began asap. However, all her initial applications to homoeopathic jobs were sent back with a polite reply saying that there were no vacancies. There were very few openings for Homoeopathy anyways and private practice did not seem to be an option at that time.

Working in the NHS:

In the UK, Sajini took up a non-qualified job of working in a secure setting with patients having diagnoses of personality disorder and other mental health issues. While she was working, she felt that she had somehow lost the confidence to practice homoeopathy, and eventually joined the Allen College of Homoeopathy run by Dr.Subrata K.Banerjea for a PG Diploma course in Homoeopathy.

The course being modular was completed in 2 years.

Experience as a Homoeopath in the UK:

She worked as a Homoeopath for the Organic Pharmacy at places like High Street Kensington, Hampstead & Kings road, London.

She then went part time and also worked for Ainsworth’s Homoeopathic Pharmacy London. The latter was her last employer.

Ainsworth’s pharmacy is a very old Homoeopathic Pharmacy. They prepare their own remedies. They also supply the royal family.

Currently, she is registered as a private practitioner with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths(ARH)

Her seek to be able to practice Homoeopathy with more clarity & conviction got her connected with Predictive Homoeopathy. She completed their SCPH online course in 2018.

Beliefs & Hobbies:

She has always been a believer in God, the Almighty/ the Universe. She is grateful that life has taught her to look at every problem as an opportunity to learn something and grow rather than blame situations or the people in her life. She believes that there is a solution to every challenge. We just have to figure that out.

She says that she hasn’t found her passions fully yet and that she is in the process of discovering herself. She now lives with her family away from London in a quiet & serene area with a lot of greenery, lakes, ducks & swans. She loves the smell of fresh grass after she mows her garden. She enjoys swimming in the local pool. Went canoeing on River Thames a few times which she describes as an exhilarating experience. She loves to travel with family and see new places.

The light of GNM:

Her association with GNM was probably much after Dr.Hamer’s sudden demise. She really wishes that she had known about GNM before.

Talking of GNM she says, “Since the past year I think my soul has been connected with GNM. It’s a learning experience everyday with GNM. I don’t know how deep my conflicts(BEFORE GNM) are and if I can ever resolve all of them before this lifetime, but I feel glad to know that I am transforming”.

Attending the international conference at Austria and meeting Dr.Caroline and seeing her enthusiasm for sharing the GNM knowledge & experience was perhaps a turning point.

Meeting her GNM mentor Dr.Varghese, Dr.Gayathri, Dr.Prateek and all the other delegates infused her with new energy. She says it felt like she knew Dr.Varghese for a long time when she was actually meeting him for the first time.

Now she has been chosen as one of the teachers of GNM India.

So the journey continues.. Gratitude for this and more to come..

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